My Essentials:

The three boots I will have for the rest of my life!

Are you a boot person? Yeah, me too. It's tough to beat a good pair of boots on a crisp fall day or when the snow is falling down. Whether you need hiking boots, rain boots, snow boots, strolling through town boots...I've got you covered!  

Steger Mukluks

Muck Boots

If you need a pair of boots that will keep your feet dry AT ALL COSTS, get yourself a pair of Muck boots!

I've got the Arctic Sport II, which is lined with fleece and 100% waterproof.

Lowa Hiking Boots

It doesn't get much warmer than a pair of Mukluks from Ely, Minnesota!

The pair I have, I purchased second hand at a consignment shop in Duluth, MN called Great Lakes Gear Exchange.

A traditional pair of Mukluks will typically have a canvas upper rather than wool, like mine, but they have lots of options.

*Tip: buy the waterproofing spray! Once you get Mukluks wet, it takes a good while to dry them out.

About six years ago, I hit the thrifting jackpot when I found a pair of Lowa hiking boots (in great condition) for $3!

Those boots took me up the Grand Teton and all over the country. I still rely on them to this day. They're the Ronan model, which is sadly discontinued but Lowa is a brand I will buy from when my Lowa Ronan's get past repair.

Their best selling shoe is the Renegade!

Ahhh fuzzy slippers! Give them all to me!

Nothing says cozy like a pair of slippers to kick around the house in! My favorite slipper brand is another Minnesota company (sensing a theme?) because I just love my home state so dang much! We know how to be cozy:

Minnetonka Mocassin

Boot or slipper? This one is BOTH!

These are my go-to shoes when I need to be in and around my cabin because they're as comfy as my slippers but durable like my boots.

And cute!

Click HERE for free shipping.

If you've got cold floors in your house, these slippers will save your foot.

I keep mine right next to my bed and slip my feet into them first thing every morning!

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Your summer footwear is covered with these two!



This is where I might lose you - I love these sandals because I can wear socks with them. Yes, socks. I know...faux pas.

But sock with Birks is the best combo on summer nights when the mosquitos are biting and the weather cools down.

Birkenstock has a lot of different options but, similar to the Chacos, do not buy the kind with the toe strap.

The toe strap on the Birks isn't a problem because of toe size. It's a problem because the toe strap seems to come undone and rip apart easily.

Stick with the classic Arizonas!

The ultimate paddling shoe...with one exception!

If you have a large big toe, do not, i repeat DO NOT, get the Chacos with the toe strap!

I learned that lesson the hard way. Aside from that, Chacos are fantastic for summer hiking and paddling.

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