My Essentials:

My purse, my daypack, and my overnight bag

All Frost River! I've worked with the folks at Frost River for almost a year now and have toured their facility. The people AND products that come out of their west Duluth shop are top quality. I have yet to test their bigger canoe packs but I have tested lots of their travel bags. Here are my favorites:

My Boundary Waters Pack

I've tried quite a few portage packs and I keep coming back to the structured Granite Gear packs! They have a few sizes but I've got the smaller of the bunch, the Quetico in Fern Green
Most portage packs use a tump line to distribute the weight. If you don't know what a tump line is, click here. I've never been a huge fan of the tump line, which is why I love my Quetico pack. In place of a tumpline, it uses a waist belt like a trekking backpack would have.

Also, Granite Gear is a out of Two Harbors, MN! *applause*

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