But finding those things can be a challenge! Let me do some of the legwork for you!








Trying to take a minimalist approach to life?

It's so easy to complicate and clutter our lives. Simplifying is the hard part...when I lived in a big ole townhome in Birmingham I spent my weekends shopping to fill the space with "stuff". Now, most of that stuff has been sold, stored away, or donated and let me tell you, I don't miss any of it!

Living in a 200 sq. ft cabin has forced me to pair down while living in the remote wilderness has forced me to invest/hunt for quality items.

I know how it feels to be at the beginning of this simplification process...it's overwhelming. Which is why I've put all my favorites down on *virtual* paper for you so that you don't have to start from scratch.

I sure am! I'm always looking for ways to simplify!

My essential wardrobe changes seasonally so Check back (or subscribe to Cabin Thoughts) as the seasons change.

> Outerwear

> Hats + Handwear

> Base layer

> Pants

Good shoes makes for a good investment! I've done the research for you!

> Boots

> Cabin Shoes

> Sandals

Whether you need a pack to carry your pup or for a 7 day canoe trip, I've got you covered!

> Purse

> Daypack

> Trip

My favorite topic! If you have suggestions, email me!

> Fiction

> Wilderness Philosophy

> Lifestyle

> Inspirational

> Skincare

> Haircare

non toxic, natural, *SIMPLE* yet powerful beauty products...that is what I'm all about! 

All my cozy cabin favorites in one place!

> Candles

> Blankets

> Mugs

> Bedding

> Office

> Odds & Ends 

*A disclaimer - some of the links in my essentials lists are tied to affiliate links that I make a small commission on if you make a purchase. If you'd rather not use my affiliate links, no hard feelings! On the flipside, if you do - THANK YOU for your support! THe majority of the products here do not contain affiliate links but the ones that do are no different from the ones that don't! Your trust means a great deal to me and you can bet your sweet butt I wouldn't jeopardize that by sharing "things" I don't believe in.