Winter is a time to reflect

This is the time to take stock of your life. To ask, "What’s working and what’s not? Where can I find more balance?" How will you focus your energy come spring? Allow white space. Winter is a calm, peaceful energy. See where you can match those qualities in your lifestyle. Allow yourself to press pause and reflect on what you want to build and create in the coming seasons of spring and summer. What "seeds" will you plant?

This is the most introverted energy of the year.


It can be hard to know what to pack for a winter camping trip, I know! You’ve got to consider tents options, sleep systems, clothing strategy…and don’t even get me started on the food preparation! Which is why I’ve put together a complete checklist you can steal for your next trip! Now, I wouldn’t say […]

What to Bring Winter Camping

Recently, Dad and I did something kind of stupid… We had gone out for our daily walk, this time via snowshoe, on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The temperature was just below 30 F (-1 C) and we were basking in it like a fat cat in a windowsill.  We had hiked down to the rapids […]

4 Reasons Why it’s Important to Play Outside! (Yes, like a kid!)

Happy Valentine’s Day, you outdoorsy love birds! Whether you subscribe to the holiday or not, I think we can all appreciate a good love story, which is exactly what I’ve got for you today – a love story filled with adventure and wilderness. I’d like you to meet the wilderness power couple, Matt and Cassidy […]

Falling Through the Ice, Motorcycle Mischief, and Following Your Dreams – A True Northwoods Love Story

If you’ve ever thought about selling it all and moving to a cabin deep in the woods, maybe you’ve asked yourself, “How would I get in and out? Would there be a road? Would I hike in?” Or maybe you’ve thought, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just live in a cabin with road access?” Yes, […]

Living Remotely – A Transportation Guide

The night after the January blood moon, Cassidy was in the middle of telling me a story when we crested over a hill to discover them, a mama moose and her yearling baby trotting down the middle of the Gunflint Trail. I put the brakes on, skidding down the hill straight for the pair. Under […]

How to See a Moose Every Week

This time last year I was bikini clad on a beach in Florida. Right now, I’m wearing two pairs of pants, wool socks, and a stocking cap. I can understand why so many people would opt for the beach. It is so much much easier and way more comfortable! (Plus, you don’t have to own […]

Cabin Life at 30 Below Zero

Let me set the scene: The first team of the 2019 Gunflint Mail Run, Bib #1, Frank Moe, is at the start line getting ready. It seems like all of the Gunflint Trail has spilled out of their cabins, clad in Mukluks and Carhartt, to participate in this celebration of our history. Photographers are set […]

Why Going to a Sled Dog Race has been the Highlight of my Winter (So Far)

You’ve got two ways to go about the winter season- the hard way and the less-hard way. There’s no doubt about it, winter brings a bit of hardship but it’s our mindset that can make winter a special time of year – a time to slow down.  And, oh my dear, have I learned a […]

Cold Weather Got You Down? I’ve Got the Nordic Secrets to a Happy Winter for You!

This winter my dreams of living in a cabin in the woods full time came true! Home is now a 200 sq. ft cabin past the roads’ end where cell reception goes to die. I have no running water, bathroom, or conventional heating. I wouldn’t trade my lifestyle for the whole wide world BUT it does […]

6 Realities of Making Your Cabin-Living Dreams Come True