No matter what you do for a living, I’ll bet you get a little burnt out at times, right? A little frazzled? A little too plugged in? Heck, that even happens to me and I live in the woods. Which is why a weekend getaway to unplug, unwind, and connect to the things that matter […]

The Perfect Minnesota Getaway (& a coupon for you)

Think of these secret hikes I’m about to give you as short and sweet little gems of fall color! These are perfect for those driving up the Gunflint Trail in search of easily accessible yet quiet spots. Spots where locals who are “in the know” would go for a stroll. How secret is “secret”? *skeptical […]

3 Secret Fall Hikes of the Gunflint Trail

In three weeks, I’ll be back in the Pepper Shack, gearing up for summer! Hallelujah! In all my summer dreaming, I thought it would be fun to write down some of the places I want to visit in my free time and things I’d like to do. If you’re planning a trip to the Northwoods […]

My 2019 Minnesota Summer Bucket List

If you’ve ever wondered what winter camping is really like but thought your questions were too obvious to ask, this post is for you. If winter camping is on your list of things to do, read this post before you lace up those snowshoes. By the end, if you still want to go winter camping, […]

5 Realities of Winter Camping

It can be hard to know what to pack for a winter camping trip, I know! You’ve got to consider tents options, sleep systems, clothing strategy…and don’t even get me started on the food preparation! Which is why I’ve put together a complete checklist you can steal for your next trip! Now, I wouldn’t say […]

What to Bring Winter Camping

Let me set the scene: The first team of the 2019 Gunflint Mail Run, Bib #1, Frank Moe, is at the start line getting ready. It seems like all of the Gunflint Trail has spilled out of their cabins, clad in Mukluks and Carhartt, to participate in this celebration of our history. Photographers are set […]

Why Going to a Sled Dog Race has been the Highlight of my Winter (So Far)

Recently, some friends have asked me to recommend some ski resorts out west for their winter vacation. I LOVE skiing out west! You really can’t go too wrong booking a ski trip there. But if I may, let me suggest a ski trip you might not have considered – a Midwestern ski trip! “Whaaaaa? You’re […]

The Best Skiing in the Midwest – An Insider’s Guide

Looking for a complete guide to make your midwest ski trip a success? This guide covers everything from where to ski, where to stay, and where to eat!