I'm Ashley Bredemus

Engineer turned wilderness camp owner and cabin dweller. 

At A.O.E. you can expect posts on topics like:
-Slow living
-Seasonal living
-Sustainable living
-Wilderness philosophy
-Rambling heartfelt journal entries

But, at the heart of it, this is a blog about the fullness of a life lived outside. I can promise you there will be stories of adventure, discovery, and love filled with comedic relief.

So whether you’re looking for some ideas on how to experience life in rhythm with the seasons, curious about my remote lifestyle, or you’re a friend/family member just checking in to make sure I’m surviving, I’ll do my best to be helpful. I’m so thankful you stopped by!

In a nutshell, I was born and raised in Northern Minnesota. Although I was raised in the land of 10,000 lakes I flew the coop in 2014  to work as an engineer in Alabama and Florida. My years there are marked by memories of sweet tea, even sweeter people, and a different kind of stunning wilderness. But it had been five years and my heart was pulling me north, back home.

So now you know what to expect here but where the heck is “here”, who am I, + who is this dog?

In September of 2018 I packed up my things and set my sights on the small border town of Grand Marais, MN.

In the ’60s, my grandparents opened a small wilderness camp an hour's drive north of town, or should I say, an hour's drive and a ten-minute boat ride/short snowmobile trip from town. The camp is not accessible by road. Some would say it's on the wrong side of the river. I’d say it's on the right side.

So that's where I moved; a vacant wilderness camp with no cell reception, running water, or sewage system (in winter months). My cabin is called the Pepper Shack and you can read all about her history HERE or take a tour HERE.

After my first winter in the Pepper Shack, living a stones throw from my dad's cabin, he and I decided to purchase the summer camp from my uncle.

Now I can proudly call myself a business owner AND blogger.

However, before I became a business owner I became an Arlo owner. My sweet Shiloh Shepherd, Arlo Grace!

You can read all about her and her breed HERE.

If you head over to my Instagram, you might think it's another dog account but we do indeed share it. She's just way more fun to post photographs of!

One last note on Arlo, don't let her majestic appearance fool you! She's a giant derp!

-Sarah Bolton

+My Favorite Poem

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